FeltDecor decorative acoustic panels are made of PET material with the right density for effective sound attenuation. For the production of acoustic panels, we use highly durable recycled materials that do not contain substances that have a negative impact on health.

The PET material has sound damping properties and improves room acoustics. The effectiveness of noise reduction and obtaining the desired result depends on the surface where modern acoustic panels are used. Acoustic comfort can be obtained by appropriately matching the type and size of the panels to the size of the room.

Decorative acoustic panels can be used in residential and commercial spaces. Wall panels will prove themselves in the living room, study, office or reception. Unlimited possibilities of creating unusual patterns in various sizes and a wide range of colors affect the wide application of FeltDecor felt panels.

Acoustic panels are made of a synthetic PET material that is much more durable than natural fibres. Specially developed production technology allows you to maintain the aesthetic appearance and functionality for a long time.

Feltdecor panels can be installed in many different ways such as:

☞ suspension unders ufit,
☞ mounting perpendicular to the wall,
☞ gluing to the wall( withthis glue)

All the components necessary for assembly are supplied upon request.

FeltDecor felt panels have been designed to create friendly spaces for rest and work. Advanced production technology and specialized self-adhesive tabs are completely safe for walls, which is why they enable frequent changes and modifications of original designs.

The standard lead time is 7 days.

Some of our products – available on order and specially marked we deliver within a deadline of 30 days.

If in doubt – you can always ask our distributors, listed here.