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Many uses

Felt acoustic panels are an extremely effective material that reduces noise levels, improves the sound quality in rooms and increases the comfort of work. The panels can be used both in large, open spaces and in smaller rooms, such as conference rooms, offices, restaurants and cafes. Cooperation with us may turn out to be very beneficial for the project, because as a manufacturer, we can offer solutions that meet the individual needs of the project. This allows you to achieve a great result that meets the expectations of both the client and the users of the facility

A multitude of colors and shapes

We have panels in various shapes, sizes and colors, which allows you to match them to any project. Felt acoustic panels can be mounted on walls, ceilings or floors, which allows them to be used in various configurations. Tailored to your project.

If you are interested in using felt acoustic panels in your project, please contact us, ask about available solutions and invite our advisor for a non-committal meeting.

Banally easy installation

The installation of felt panels is extremely simple and intuitive, so you can do it yourself without the need for specialized equipment. Each step is well documented in the installation instructions, making the process easy.

It is enough to prepare the substrate, properly arrange the panels in the space to achieve the desired acoustic and aesthetic effect. With a variety of sizes and shapes of felt panels, you can create unique designs to enrich the design of the room.

The application of the panels themselves is carried out with publicly available mounting accessories, and the supplied adhesive avoids drilling or other interference with the walls.

Installation of felt panels is not only easy, but also brings immediate results. Once the panels are installed, you can immediately feel an improvement in the acoustics of the room, noise reduction and aesthetic enhancement of the space.

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FeltDecor acoustic panels are made of PET material of appropriate density, which affects effective sound suppression. For the production of acoustic panels, we use highly durable recycled materials that do not contain substances that have a negative impact on health.

The PET material has sound damping properties and improves room acoustics. The effectiveness of noise reduction and obtaining the desired result depends on the surface where modern acoustic panels are used. Acoustic comfort can be obtained by appropriately matching the type and size of the panels to the size of the room.

Acoustic panels can be used in residential and commercial spaces. Wall panels will prove themselves in the living room, study, office or reception. Unlimited possibilities of creating unusual patterns in various sizes and a wide range of colors affect the wide application of FeltDecor felt panels.

Acoustic panels are made of a synthetic PET material that is much more durable than natural fibres. Specially developed production technology allows you to maintain the aesthetic appearance and functionality for a long time.

Feltdecor panels can be installed in many different ways such as:

☞ suspended from the ceiling,
☞ mounting perpendicular to the wall,
☞ bonding to the wall,

All the components necessary for assembly are supplied upon request.

FeltDecor felt panels have been designed to create friendly spaces for rest and work. Advanced production technology and specialized self-adhesive tabs are completely safe for walls, which is why they enable frequent changes and modifications of original designs.